SeaShell Group- Resorts and Hotels

About SeaShell

SeaShell has been in the hospitality business in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands since 2000. The Group was founded with the conviction to provide guests a refreshingly enjoyable, hassle-free and memorable experience. It was one of the first luxury hotel chains in these islands which also put Andaman on the tourism map. With the rapid growth of tourism in the region and also by providing guest centric experiences, SeaShell currently owns three properties in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and also plans to expand in the North and Middle Andaman region. Our management team is driven by our passion for perfection and is eager to offer the highest consistency in quality, service and style.

Our Commitment

We have not forgotten our responsibility to our surroundings. We are as committed to providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere to our guests, as ensuring our natural habitat remains unscathed and pristine. The SeaShell philosophy means a minimal footprint. Only native materials are used, rainwater is harvested, alternate sources of energy are used and most of the staff is local. We are dedicated to make all our properties environment-friendly and green. We employ technologies and programs that assist us and our guests to achieve this goal. SeaShell is an outstanding example of eco-tourism & has taken several initiatives to preserve the environment. We are highly conscious of our environmental footprint and educate our staff on the value of conserving energy. We encourage guests to follow these values